Frenzied Fox


Enjoy glorious views over our beautiful half acre vineyard of Negroamaro vines, a wonderful Italian variety native to the Puglia region in southern Italy.  "Negroamaro" translates to 'black black', and produces a rich, medium-bodied, red wine, "bold and powerful", deep in colour, bursting with the flavours of dried berries and spice.  Negroamaro, like most Italian wines is best served with food, a perfect complement to wood-fired pizzas, pasta, red-meat, hard cheeses and Spencer Cocoa dark chocolate...what could be better?

For those who love a Rosé, try our first Negroamaro Rosé (a.k.a "The Blushing Fox").  Crafted by "The Rosé Master" James Manners, this dry rosé is Spring in a bottle.


If you're in town why not try a bottle at Roth's Wine Bar.  If you are interested in a having a box of the Fox delivered, email us for more information. 

Frenzied Fox (Red).JPEG
Negroamaro Rose (MHG).JPG