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Frenzied Fox Wines

Planted in 2007, our half acre vineyard is home to 550 Negroamaro vines.  One of only a handful of plantings in Australia, this wonderful Italian variety is grown almost exclusively in the Puglia region of Southern Italy.  "Negroamaro" translates to 'black black', and as a medium-bodied red, is deep in colour bursting with rich black fruit flavors with a distinct finish of dried herb.  Negroamaro, like most Italian wines, is best served with food - a perfect complement to wood-fired pizzas, pasta, red-meat, hard cheeses and Spencer Cocoa dark chocolate...what could be better?  For those who love a dry Rosé, try our Negroamaro Rosé (a.k.a "The Blushing Fox").


To purchase please click below. 

Available in cartons of 12 bottles. 

Free Shipping to NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT

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